• Overview 

    MicroCT scanning is a nondestructive way to look at the bones and the soft tissue of an organism in a relatively fast manner.

    MicroCT is best for investigating bones or other highly mineralized structures, however, certain stains can be performed before scanning to allow the visualization of harder to see soft tissues and membranes.

    The most attractive feature of microCT is the speed at which you get data and the ability to look at the structures within an organism without damaging or destroying any tissue. You can even perform microCT scans on living organisms!

  • Methods

    Here is a scan of a toad skull in action!

    This scan was done in collaboration with Southen Denmark University, Dr. Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard and Dr. Nicholas Ditzel.

  • Results

    Here are dorsal views of 6 toads skulls. The top 3 are eared species and the bottom 3 are earless species. You can see that skull shape and ossification varies as much amongst eared and earless species as it does between them.

    Beautiful data.